Drowning in Social Media

October 12, 2010 Jessica Hanevik

I watched three videos; The Machine is Us/ing Us, EPIC 2015 and Social Media Revolution. Social Media Revolution was by far the most entertaining, interesting and thought-provoking video. It’s unbelievable how many social networking site there are out there and how quickly they caught on. I began on Myspace, which I thought was the greatest thing in the world. Now I’ve moved past that to Facebook. I thought that was all I needed and I would only need it for entertainment. Now I’m starting to realize that these social networking sites are much more than entertainment. As I embark on the world of Twitter and blogging, I’m struggling to keep up with this revolution. If we don’t conquer these now, it seems as though there is little hope for us. There will just be more social networking sites becoming available, with more unique and incredible features. The new sites will build upon the old until we are drowning in social media and unable to revive ourselves. That being said, I think it’s a good thing.
I never realized how important social media was to our careers and publicizing ourselves. We each have to fight to stay prevelent, and social media is how we will do it. After watching Social Media Revolution, I feel like there is so many sites I have yet to conquer. But in my own best interest, I better get started! I am going to make it my own goal to enlist in as many social networking sites as I can within this next year and try to get myself out there. It can only help me in my goal of becoming successful. If I can successfully utilize social networking, there’s practically nothing I cannot do in the future. Social media is not only the present, but the future. We better learn to swim in it now before we drown.


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