PR Week Video Critique

November 9, 2010 Jessica Hanevik

I watched the PR Week Video for New York Fashion Week. Right at the beginning of the video, the cameraman is panning the crowd and all I see is shaky video that’s moving way too fast. After that, there are some still shots inserted which I think was a good choice. It’s showing brands, and video would be over the top. When it goes back to video, it’s very shakey once again. Also, everytime the cameraman pans, it’s way too fast and everything I see is basically a big blur. When the “behind the scenes” label came up, it’s hard to notice but you can see that the cameraman just flipped the camera around. He/she should have stopped recording because that looks very unprofessional.

Once they went to the runway, the put on a new piece of music but it only played for a few short seconds before it was abruptively cut off. The interview went pretty well for the most part, but it might have been nice to find a quieter spot. At the end, they cut off the guy speaking and flip to a different clip! You can’t just cut someone off in the middle of their sentence! For the second interview, it’s very hard to hear the man speaking because of all the background noise. I mean if that’s all you got on video, it can work but it’s not ideal. It’s also much farther away this time and the room is poorly lit so you can barely even see the man. I personally would not have used the second interview at all.

Overall, this was a horrible video and painful to watch. The first thing I would have done differently is try to bring a tiny tripod with for shooting. If that was not possible, I would make due and make a tripod out of my body to keep the shaking to an absolute minimum. Secondly, I would not have panned the crowd twice as they did. I only would have done it with a movable tripod, because otherwise it was too shakey and virtually pointless. The next thing I would have done was to find better spots for the interviews, especially the second interview. I understand that there probably aren’t a ton of areas that are pretty quiet, but you need to find the best suited place or the interviews are worthless. It might have been beneficial to do a quick test question and watch/listen to it before the real interview to make sure the location isn’t too loud for the camera. Lastly, I would have edited MUCH better. Why bother sticking in a second song when it only plays for like less than five seconds? If it’s necessary to do that, find a better cut than just abruptively stopping it. Fade out anyone? The first interview also needs to be edited better. It’s incredibly rude towards the interviewee that his words were cut off mid sentence. If an interviewer published a video where they did that to me, I would not be a happy camper.

I’m not sure what they were thinking when they created, edited and posted this video. I think the biggest fault lies on the editor however. It was a long video also, which means it should have been better. If I hadn’t needed to watch it for class, I would’ve turned it off in the first 20 seconds. Nice try, PR Week. Nice try.


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